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10 Best Yoga Apps for the Smartphone Users

10 Best Yoga Apps for the Smartphone Users

By on March 10, 2020 0

Yoga was an age-old tradition followed by Indians for thousands of years. Today Yoga is able to get acceptance from every part of the globe. In fact, the United Nations has declared June 21st as an International Yoga Day, which aims to educate about the health and wellness benefits that any person might get from yoga. It is a great ancient art of breathing and stretching. There are many apps in Google and iTunes stores that help anyone to learn yoga is the easiest way.

These yoga apps provide everything from visual guides, practice builders, to directories and, also contain information about the nearest yoga studios. Here is the list of 10 amazing Yoga apps that proves very helpful to the users.

Yoga Studio – This amazing yoga app contains the library of 65 yoga and meditation classes, which help users to focus on balance, flexibility, relaxation, and strength. Moreover, this app allows users to play their own iTunes at the same time listening to the teacher’s cues for every yoga pose.
Pocket Yoga – For the smartphone users installing this yoga app feels like having a yoga instructor in their pocket. This app provides a yoga dictionary, which offers detail descriptions and benefits of each yoga pose. Additionally, the user may use the app’s preview feature to see how a yoga pose should look, and decide that, this app is simple or difficult for him.

5 Minutes Yoga – This Yoga App is focused on brevity. In today’s time most common excuse, people have when explaining why they don’t work out, is that they don’t have sufficient time. Any session of this app does not take longer than five minutes to perform each pose exactly in the right method. Every yoga pose in this app features clear images and detailed instructions for doing it correctly.

Yogamazing – YOGAmazing offers short classes, but its duration runs longer than five minutes. The classes in this app typically have 25 minutes duration and there are even episodes available for specific ailments, If someone looks for specific yoga needs, like injuries or joint pain then he should consider this app.

Simply Yoga – It is also one more effective app, however, it may not be considered as one of the polished presentations of the yoga apps in this list, but it is as effective as some other yoga apps. In this yoga app, the user can easily choose a difficulty level according to their skills and an intention to learn about yoga. This yoga app’s audio and video instruction guide run for 20,40 and 60 minutes. The app explaining various yoga poses of various difficulty levels.

Daily Yoga – This app Daily Yoga allows user to practice just under 30 minutes, that make this app practicing in a pinch. The user can browse 50 classes which are sorted by body parts like abs, back, butt, chest and, also according to various yoga skills.

Yogify – The great part of this yoga app is that it appeals simultaneously to the beginners and expert users. Regardless of the skill level, Yogi’s images and detailed descriptions help app users to properly execute the yoga poses. This yoga app can even customize the music according to personal choice. It’s free to This yoga App provides the first five classes absolutely free. However, the user needs to pay for the advanced classes.

Salute the Desk – Salute the Desk will help anyone to take a small break up from the normal workday or if the user in the place where there is no or limited mobility. The great thing about Salute the Desk apps is that it designs to tackle both mental and physical stress. It offers 27 yoga positions which might be done at the office desk.

Universal Breathing – Pranayama – This yoga app offers an extensive course about how to breathe properly that will work users to go through beginner levels and into more advanced breathing exercises. This type of breathing becomes more natural for the user and they can feel the difference in their yoga practices as they are able to breathe deeply with under-exercised muscle groups. This yoga app includes varieties of yoga poses and yoga practices.

Pocket Yoga Practice builder –  This wonderful Yoga App builds afters the success of the Pocket Yoga app. This app helps yoga practitioners and tutors to create and applied their own custom yoga practice routines. Users can select from the large library of more than 200 different positions and several variations can set in any order and for a different duration.

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