10 Healthy Breakfasts That will Fuel Your Morning

10 Healthy Breakfasts That will Fuel Your Morning
10 Healthy Breakfasts That will Fuel Your Morning

All scientific research says that you should not skip breakfast. A nutritious and healthy breakfast gives you the energy and nutrition to power throughout your day, provides fuel after 10 hours of fasting and helps balance your blood sugar levels. What’s more, if you are concerned about weight gain, remember that eating breakfast actually promotes weight loss! A good breakfast keeps you alert, helps your concentration levels and allows you to get more done. If you are in a hurry to kick start your day, do some preparation the night before, but do have breakfast.

1. Healthy Fruit Smoothie
You can even make a smoothie very quickly. Blend together your favorite fruits in combination along with some yogurt or milk. If you want it thicker and more filling, you can add some oats and nuts to this while blending. You get your healthy fruits and proteins, apart from phytonutrients that will provide nutrition.

2. Fried Eggs on Toast
Eggs are filling with high protein. You can cook eggs very easily by boiling, frying. poaching or scrambling them. Had with some whole-grain or multi-grain toast, they are a great breakfast choice.

3. Cheese Sandwich
Like eggs, cheese is high in good quality protein. Have a cheese sandwich, melt the cheese on toast and add some vegetables or fruit for added nutrition. Raw or cooked, you can add tomatoes, onions, herbs, chopped nuts to get more out your cheese.

4. Quick pizza
Now conventional pizza may not be the healthiest option, but you can either use a wholewheat base or use split wholewheat muffins or even bread to add to the nutritive value. If you make your own sauce with fresh tomatoes, it’s even better. You can make the sauce in quantity and even freeze it. Slather some sauce on your base; add some vegetables like mushrooms, corn, onions, olives or cooked chicken and top with low-fat cheese. Grill and enjoy.

5. Hummus
Super-healthy and delicious, hummus can be eaten on toast, with lavash, toasted pita bread or even raw vegetables. Add olives for extra taste, flavor and nutrition.

6. Nut butter
Peanut, almond and cashew butters are high in protein. They are also reasonably high in fat, but this fat is unprocessed and the high satiety value of nut butters keeps hunger pangs at bay. Have a sandwich, adding some fruit, or have with toast.

7. Oats
The high fiber content of oats are great for health. Quick-cooking oats cook very fast. For a twist, you can have them savory instead of sweet, adding cheese or eggs for more protein. Fruit and nuts with a breakfast of oats, whichever way you make them, help you meet the day’s nutrition needs.

8. Homemade Flour Tortillas with Cheese
Make these into wraps with leftover vegetables, beans or meats, adding salad, cheese or salsa and have them lightly grilled for a hot breakfast.

9. Muffin sized breakfast Quiche
Make your favorite quiche recipe without the crust in individual muffin pans.

10. Morning Cereal with Yogurt
Avoid highly processed cereals that come in packets, but make up your own. Add nuts, seeds, dry and fresh fruits and have with milk or yogurt.

Remember to eat a balanced breakfast and include carbs, protein and some fat for satiety value and great nutrition.

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