10 minutes make-up ideas to get the perfect look

10 minutes make-up ideas to get the perfect look
10 minutes make-up ideas to get the perfect look

Make-up is not all about applying products on your face and looks perfect but it’s all about looking fresh, pleasing and glamorous. All are blessed with good skin when they are born, it just depends on us how to take care of it and maintain on a regular basis.  Nowadays due to busy schedules, people don’t get time to care for their skin, hence hereby find some few everyday make-up tricks for a perfect look.

Wash and moisturize face properly – It is necessary to wash and moisturize your face properly before applying any make-up. It is recommended to use suitable face wash and moisturizer according to your dry/oily or mixed skin type.

BB/CC cream – BB stands for “beauty balm” and CC for “color corrective”. They are the perfect skin booster which can be used on daily purpose. These products are multitaskers containing primer, foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen all in one. Thus a bit of this cream can be applied with fingertips and blend it over the whole face for a flawless look.

Eyeliner – Black and grey are the two most significant colors which can go on any outfit to give your eyes a sharp and elegant look. A combination of both colors can also be applied for sensuous look.

Eye-shadow– Choose the right shade of eye-shadow from your palette according to your attire. Apply a contrasting color shade on your lids if you want your eyes to pop and look noticeable.

Lip balm/Lip Gloss– Lips are considered as the flower of the face. To get natural plump, attractive lips proper moisturizing and perfect lip color is required. You can go for a nude or lighter shade for the larger and fuller lips, dark color can go for a thin lip line.

These are some fast and easy to go tricks that can be used for a perfect everyday look. Apart from this to keep your skin glowing regularly, proper diet, exercise, and meditation is required which can subsidize your daily routine of applying artificial makeup and will give a supernatural look as if the inner body is perfect, your skin will glow naturally.


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