5 Minutes Makeup Hacks for Lazy Girls

5 Minutes Makeup Hacks for Lazy Girls
5 Minutes Makeup Hacks for Lazy Girls

Most women simply don’t have time to spend hours in front of a mirror unless it is a very special occasion like a wedding or a glam event. Whether it is the busy morning rush or after working hours, you need make-up that lasts throughout the day with minimal fussing and touch-ups and not spend too much time over it either. At the same time, it is important to look good, particularly in the era of clicking photos constantly and even selfies that are shared on social media. You can get the foolproof makeup you want in the fastest time provided you buy the right products. And once you learn how to use those products, you can put on your make-up very fast. Your face is actually divided into four parts for which you need different products: skin, eyes, cheeks, and lips. You start with the skin and then work your way to the lips.


Firstly your skin needs to be clean and dry, but well moisturized. Put on a dab of primer to act as a layer between your skin and the makeup. Then start with a foundation, add concealer if required to minimize under-eye circles and then finish off with loose powder. Of course, if you want to shorten the process you can use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream or even a pressed cream compact though the compact powder will need further touch-ups throughout the day. Don’t forget to do your neck as well and make sure the makeup is all blended in.


You can use eye-shadow (depending on the time of day or evening) or not. A very light dusting of eye-shadow in a neutral color can help open the eyes. A smudge of kajal or a hint of eye-liner (use liquid eyeliner or an eye pencil) may also give your eyes an open look. Don’t forget some mascara. If your lashes are very light, you may want to darken them a bit and if they are dark you can use clear mascara to give your lashes more volume and depth.


Use blush or bronzer sparingly, keeping the shape of your face in mind. Use on the apples of your cheek and blend in so it looks subtle and natural. You can use a liquid or cream blush for easier blending, particularly if the powder blush looks cakey or is difficult to blend in. Be careful when using blush in any form and use it very sparingly till you get the right color and intensity, otherwise, you will be looking at re-doing your entire makeup.


Finish up with a lipstick or lip balm (or both) in a color that will match your clothes and your complexion. Natural and light colors are great for the day without giving you a ‘made-up’ look. If you do use darker colors like the reds that are very much in fashion at the moment, make sure that the lipstick does not bleed or fade during the day. In any case, lipstick will require touch-ups during the day, so carry one with you.

Buy good quality and small-size products that you will use up (discard makeup that is old) and don’t forget to clean your make-up brushes regularly and also remove your make-up at night.

Would you like to share your makeup ideas with us? then you’re warmly welcome…


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