7 beauty mobile apps to download

7 beauty mobile apps to download
7 beauty mobile apps to download

Today everyone wants to look beautiful, especially if you are a woman. Some years back to enjoy beautiful skin you probably read tips from the magazines, newspaper or you visit the nearest beauty salon center near to your home. Things have changed significantly, all your beauty-related tasks you want are now easily available at your fingertips. So, for all you beauty-obsessed people here is a list of nine most effective beauty apps which are available for the downloads.


Beautylish is an app that allows you to discover the latest in terms of trends, looks, and fashion. The app comes with tutorial videos that help to create favorite looks and hairstyles anywhere and at any time. The app also gives some nail art ideas which you can try at home. Most interestingly this app provides some useful tips on makeup, skincare, etc.


The ModiFace beauty app is one of the most popular digital makeover apps, which offers a great choice of trying different looks. This App brings premium facial recognition technology and a large variety of options. The best thing about this beauty app is, it is very easy to use and it allows great freedom to try various hair colors, makeup and, select from the pre-set celebrity styles.


This App can prove best friend for you as it allows you to check your look in the different makeup. This beauty app transforms a smartphone into a mirror. The app also allows touch-up your makeup, apply lipstick and try out the different things with your makeup. The best feature of this wonderful app is that it has a ‘Night Mode ‘which allows you to see the mirror even in the dark.


It is a general belief that beauty starts with the inner self. This app works on a similar concept as this app guide provides great inner peace. This beauty app includes seven guided sessions, various background sounds, and large numbers of calming images. Install this beauty app to know interesting facts about true beauty.

Beautiful Me

Beautiful Me is an app that enables instant detection of your skin’s profile. The app uses your facebook or uploaded photos to measure the changes in facial features, makeup, aging and hair which helps you to understand your own skin and suggest the best products for you to purchase.

Celebrity Makeup Looks

We all of us like the makeup done by the celebrities? We wished to look the same. Now, this has become a reality with the help of this beauty App! So whoever you admire, be it, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez or even Lady Gaga, this app gives you a great chance to feel like you’re a celebrity.


StyleSeat app helps you to find top beauty professionals like hairstylists, nail artists, barbers, massage therapists and much more. This beauty app is the easiest way to browse photos, read reviews, and find the best deals in your city. Moreover, you can search, book & pay for your next beauty appointment right on your smartphone device.


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