7 benefits of doing cycling everyday

7 benefits of doing cycling everyday
7 benefits of doing cycling everyday

Whether it’s to boost up your fitness, bank balance or health, or as the environmental choice, going ahead with the cycling could be one of the right decisions which you are going to ever make. It has come to the limelight that cycling has been the best solution for health and does reduce the risks of death. Cycling is regarded as aerobic exercise which is the kind of exercise you wish to perform for losing fat on any part of your body. Aerobic exercises burn lots of calories and the key for losing weight is burning more calories than you consume.

Benefits of doing cycling every day

    • It’s beneficial and good for you: For improving your heart health and fitness, cycling is one of the best means. Two short trips to the shops and back every day- in about 30 minutes of the daily cycling will help in enhancing the cardiovascular system.
    • Sleep more deeply: When you go for an early morning ride it would knacker you out in the short duration but it is surely going to help you catch some quality shut down when you get back to the pillow. Stanford University School of research and Medicine has asked for sedentary insomniacs patients to cycle for at least 20-30 minutes on a regular basis.
    • Cycling makes stronger: When you are cycling, it is well known that every muscle is used while doing so. Leg muscles are worked on the higher end, for pedaling but back muscles are stabilizing the body and abdomen, while the shoulder –arm muscular system does support you at the handlebars. Cycling is building strength all over the body and as your core muscles are improving so does the balance as well.
    • Environment-friendly: A study has proved that cycling produces zero carbon pollution, making it a user environmental sustainable means of transport. A bike could replace your car or the bus, majorly for the shorter duration of the journey, and more cyclists mean fewer congestion which is related to emission.
    • Increases the brainpower: Are you looking out for your grey matter to sparkle? Then go ahead with pedaling. There are numerous researchers from Illinois University who have traced that there are 5 percent improvement in the cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling led to the improvement of up to 15% in mental tests. It is because cycling is going to help in building new cells in the hippocampus- the region which is responsible for memory which deteriorates from age of 30 yrs.
    • Beat illness: Once you have started riding, then you should forget about apples, as riding would help you stay healthy and fit forever. According to research, people who do cycling for at least 30minutes 5 days in a week does take about half as long sick days as that of couch potatoes.
  • Saving the planet: It is for sure that around 20bicycles could be parked in the same location as one single car. It is taking around 5%of the energy and material used to make the car to build a bike, as the bike creates no pollution or zero percent pollution.


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