9 Health Care Myths vs. Facts

9 Health Care Myths vs. Facts
9 Health Care Myths vs. Facts

Do you still believe these outdated so-called health care myths that have already been debunked by science?

There are many so-called health adages and prescriptions that have become the rule simply because they have been repeated often enough. However, scientific research has debunked many of these health care myths as studies have shown that they are simply myths with no basis in facts. Check these out and update your knowledge:

1. You must drink eight glasses of water a day – As a matter of fact, you can drink most beverages instead and even fruits and vegetables count towards your water intake. As long you pass light-colored urine often enough, you don’t need to drink too much water unless the weather is extremely hot and dry or you exercise a lot.

2. When you are cold, you may catch a cold – Winter or rain, if you get wet you are actually not at greater risk of catching a cold. Colds are usually caused by viruses and these spreads more rapidly in winter and during wet months and that is why you catch colds. It has nothing to do with your getting wet or cold or both.

3. Eating heavy meals late at night will cause you to put on weight – Eating very late or eating heavy meals may result in acidity or discomfort, but will not cause you to put on extra weight. However, Overeating generally will cause you to put on weight.

4. The 5 or 10 second food rule will keep you safe – If food falls on the floor it will pick up germs in even 10 seconds. It would be best to throw it out instead of taking a chance with your stomach.

5. You can do spot loss of fat – Sadly untrue. When you lose weight you will reduce fat from all over your body. Even spot exercising will help build and strengthen muscles but result in fat loss from a particular area.

6. A gluten-free diet will make you healthier – Unless you suffer from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease you don’t need to avoid gluten in your diet. However, when you do eat a gluten-free diet, you restrict your food intake (gluten is found in carbohydrate-rich foods like some grains) and may lose weight.

7. Carbs make you fat – Regardless of their origin, carbs have the same amount of calories. However, eating too many simple carbs will result in blood sugar spikes that may cause you to eat more frequently. Eating complex carbs with a low glycemic index is healthy because carbs are a source of energy for the body.

8. Eliminating fat from your diet will help you lose weight – Fat is necessary to the body for fat-soluble vitamins like A, D and E among other nutrients. Fat also offers you satiety value. When you eliminate fat from your diet, you may actually eat more carbs or other foods that will increase your calorie intake and prevent weight loss.

9. Vision problems occur due to reading in dim light or sitting too close to the television – You will not develop myopia if you read in dim light or are not the prescribed distance away from the television. However, it can result in eye strain, dry eyes, and watering of the eyes.

Some myths persist because they have passed into folklore and are extremely well-entrenched in the brain to be easily dislodged. If you live your life according to the facts you are going to be healthier and fitter.

Is there any health care myth that you believe in?


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