Can You Actually Cure Diseases With Meditation?

Can You Actually Cure Diseases With Meditation?
Can You Actually Cure Diseases With Meditation?

Meditation has helped many people combat and even reverse the progression of diseases. In fact, there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence testifying to the same – people who have been cured of many serious and critical diseases whether they did meditation or used indestructible faith and belief, certain that they would be cured and they were. Take the case of the Tibetan lama, Phakyab Rinpoche, living in New York who cured himself of gangrene in the leg by simple meditation. He took guidance from the Dalai Lama and practiced Tsa Lung meditation to get cured without the use of any medicines or surgery. As a matter of fact, the only conventional cure for gangrene is surgery and the lama was able to completely heal himself in a year’s time and even got rid of his diabetes and tuberculosis through meditation.

How Meditation Helps

Many diseases are caused or aggravated by stress and lowered immunity. Meditation reduces the stress hormones and it also boosts the immune system. When you use imagery to counteract the effects of any disease or ailment you are also multiplying the effects of meditation. Stress is implicated in many diseases from cardiovascular ailments, cancer, and other critical diseases and minor ones like flu, digestive disorders and even pain.

When you meditate your body is rested, your mind is free of tension and a sense of calm and peace pervades the body. This condition helps with cell regeneration and healing. It also increases oxygenation and improves blood flow helping to overcome the disease by getting rid of toxins and waste products more efficiently. As your immune system improves it fights renegade or bad cells better. On a daily basis, your body improves and is on the path to recovery faster. You are able to manage your stress levels and your pain threshold also increases as positive thoughts flow through your consciousness.

What are diseases that meditation can cure?

Better outcomes have been reported in many diseases thanks to meditation, including:

    • Depression and mood disorders – Depression and feeling of sadness can be overcome by the positive feeling that meditation generates and the calm state of mind that enables you to control your feelings and modulate your reactions to various situations.
    • Heart disease – Inflammation is a contributory factor in heart disease and this can be helped by breathing techniques and reduction of cortisol.
    • Respiratory disorders – Meditation strengthens the immune system enabling the body to fight off routine infections that would otherwise lay you low.
    • Pain – Chronic painful conditions like arthritis and related joint problems, headaches, and other painful conditions can be helped with the healing power of meditation.
    • Addiction problems – Tobacco, alcohol, substance abuse and even addiction to food can be overcome with mindful meditation and positive thinking.
    • Hyperacidity and other digestive disorders – Acidity is often caused by the stress of different kinds and a calm demeanor brought around by meditation can combat various digestive disorders more effectively.
    • Cancer – Those who are suffering from cancer can increase their life span and their quality of life thanks to mediation.

Other problems include hormonal disorders, allergies, high blood pressure and even diabetes that benefit from meditation. Peace, calm, positive thoughts offer immeasurable benefits physically, mentally and spiritually.

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