Health Tips

10 running tips for beginners

by on March 16, 2020 0

If you think that you can just get up and start running one day, you are wrong. Running requires certain rules and gear if you don’t want to get hurt or injure yourself and give it up even before you have started properly. Running is largely safe, easy to do at any time of...

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11 ways to have better sleep

by on March 12, 2020 0

Sleep is very important and you realize that only when you don’t get enough sleep. Sleep helps the body heal, repair cells, organs, and tissues, improve memory, physical health, psychological health and even improve longevity. Sleep deprivation is linked to higher stress levels, lifestyle diseases, irritability, poor judgment, lack of concentration and focus and...

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20 Tips for Anti Aging

by on March 11, 2020 0

With advancing age, the skin often shows the tell-tale signs of aging: sagging skin, crow’s feet, wrinkles, dullness and age spots. Some people look older than their years, their skin ravaged by the sun, dry air and stress, whereas others manage to look younger than they are. The skin looks it best in the...

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Natural ways to heal allergies

by on March 7, 2020 0

Many people suffer from constant allergies and try all kinds of treatments to get rid of them. As many as 26 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergy disorders due to high pollen and other allergens in the air. The commonest allergies occur in the respiratory tract system and these include sniffles, colds, wheezing, watering...

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Superfoods that Boost Your Energy UP

by on February 23, 2020 0

All foods are not created equal. Bad foods result in malnutrition, low energy levels, obesity and lead to lifestyle diseases. Good foods promote great health, clear skin, longevity, higher energy levels and even promote a feeling of well-being. Superfoods keep you energized, improve immunity levels and stave off diseases. Research shows that some foods...

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The best herbs for weight loss

by on February 19, 2020 0

Fresh herbs are used for flavor and taste in foods and salads. Do you know that herbs can also help in weight loss? Herbs work in different ways: some fill you up, others boost the metabolism so you burn calories more efficiently and others reduce appetite. However, herbs can only help in weight loss...

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Phases of Menstrual Cycle

by on February 13, 2020 0

The menstrual cycle is the series of changes which takes in your body to prepare for pregnancy. About once in the month, the uterus grows a new, thickened lining (Endometrium) which could hold a fertilized egg. When there is no fertilized egg to start the pregnancy, the uterus then sheds its lining which is...

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