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Home remedies for arthritis

by on February 22, 2020 0

We are taking every moment of your body for granted and keep on moving until it is restricted or limited. The cause this comes for many people as the kind of arthritis, or the inflammation for one or more of the joints. There are two major kinds which are mentioned as rheumatoid and osteo,...

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Natural Therapies to Cure Skin Cancer

by on January 25, 2020 0

A diagnosis of cancer is frightening. Usually, cancer is incurable but it is treatable and people do live long and fruitful lives even after the cancer diagnosis. New and conventional diagnostic tests and treatments are expensive, but quite effective depending on the person’s health history, stage of cancer and other parameters. However, traditional cancer...

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Home remedies for dry lips

by on January 24, 2020 0

Dry lips can occur in winter or in summer because the natural moisture of the lips is lost. Lips can also become dry due to certain medications, frequent licking of lips, smoking or some diseases. Dry lips can become flaky, red, chapped and even cracked and this can lead to infection and pain. The...

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Home remedies to reduce pain during menstruation

by on January 19, 2020 0

Many women suffer from excessive pain during menstruation. The pain may cramp during heavy bleeding, a dragging or throbbing sensation in the pelvic region, backache, heaviness in the thighs or griping pains in the lower abdomen. If you are certain that there are no physiological or medical reasons for the pain (endometriosis, polycystic ovarian...

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