Diet tips to lose weight

Diet Tips to lose weight

If you want to lose some weight, but don’t want to follow a particular diet, you can still lose weight. It is not difficult, providing you follow these simple diet tips that will cut calories and help you reach your weight goals comfortably.

Drink water – water is hydrating and filling. What’s more, most people simply don’t drink enough water, thinking that juices, sodas, beverages, tea, coffee and other drinks are a good enough substitute. Many of these are high in calories and some have other substances and additions that are not good for health. Stick to water; a glass of water before every meal will cut your appetite substantially.

Cut sugar – sugar includes all kinds of sweeteners including brown sugar, honey, molasses, syrups and the like. If you simply cannot do without sugar, cut your consumption in half. You will reduce your calorie intake and also reduce sugar highs and lows.

Eat salads – have a healthful bowl of salad with every meal, with low calorie dressing. A bit of olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice will add to the taste and also give you the nutritional benefits of these ingredients.

Skip dessert – desserts are high in sugar and fats and often contain many artificial substances. A binge of fresh fruits instead, giving you the myriad benefits that fruits have.

Eat breakfast – cereal or even toast and egg go a long way in starting your day and prevent sugar slumps that have your reaching for pastries and donuts at the workplace. Breakfast should be a healthy mix of carbohydrates and proteins. If you have a very rushed morning, have a great smoothie that is easy to drink and is a breakfast in a glass.

Use a smaller plate – over the years dinner plates have increased in size. So when your plate is full, you are actually eating a lot more. If you use a smaller plate, you will be able to pile on less food, eat less and lose weight.

Clean out your refrigerator and storage cupboards – apart from having more space, if you clean out your space and reduce ready to eat foods, you are not going to eat them. When you go shopping be careful about what you buy and don’t load up on high calorie and sweet foods.

Have soup – a light soup that is full of vegetables with a little chicken or fish not only fills you up before you eat the main meal but also provides you with a lower calorie treat. In fact, soup also makes for a great snack and the best soup is one you make yourself and not make from a can or packet.

Eat slowly – don’t gobble your meals or be distracted when eating. Chew your food slowly, keeping your fork down between bites and your meal will last longer and give you more satisfaction.

Move more – you don’t want to exercise (and you have numerous excuses for this). Move more. Walk to your grocer’s or the market, park your car the furthest from the shop you go to, so you have to walk more, go up and down the stairs more often, go for a pre or post dinner walk. Adopt a sport that you indulge in at least weekly: tennis, swimming, hiking, cycling, trekking, etc.

These tips will help you cut your calories and you will soon see the results on your weighing scales.


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