Food that helps you during breastfeeding – diet tips

Food that helps you during breastfeeding - diet tips
Food that helps you during breastfeeding - diet tips

Most of the breastfeeding moms do feel some extra hungry, which is making sense as your body is working around the clock for making the breast milk for the baby. Eating a bit of meal with remarkable healthy snacks in durations – the way you must have done during the pregnancy which is the best means to check the hunger and keep the energy level at a high level.

It’s really common to worry when regarding the milk supply when you have started feeding your baby. You may be confused about whether your body is producing enough milk due to which the requirement of your baby could be satisfied or if there is anything else that could be done to boost the supply of the milk. It’s a recommendation that you should surely consult your doctor before finalizing any of the herbal drinks or making any kind of changes to your diet.

Foods common for helping increase the breast milk

    • Fenugreek seeds – the seeds of Methi have been used for the ages to increase the breast milk supply and in the recent scenario, there is the research that approves the ancient sayings. Researchers have approved that Fenugreek or Methi do increase the supply of breast milk. Some of the doctors say that if you are including Methi in your diet, you would be having ample supply of milk within the span of the week. They are great sources for Vitamins, Calcium, Iron and Minerals. But you should be careful not to consume much as it is mild diuretic due to which you could lose a large amount of water.
    • Fennel seeds – Studies have brought forward that the fennel seeds are going to increase the supply of milk. There are few doctors who say that fennel seeds are helpful in preventing colic in your body. They are surely rich in Vitamin C and besides, they are the best mouth watering fresheners and helps in digestions. It could be also added to the vegetables, dals and rice preparations along with the deserts. In few of the traditional homes, it is considered that fennel water and tea should be given to the expecting mother.
    • Garlic – With numerous curative properties it is said to help in increasing the supply of breast milk. Studies have also shown that the infants of the mother who are eating garlic tend to feed for a longer time, and lots of babies are happy to have the flavour of the breast milk. Even though the garlic could be eaten on its own, you could find it most appetizing when it is being used as the condiment in the dals, vegetables, meats, pickles and pastas. Garlic milk is the common traditional milk which is given to the nursing mums.
  • Oranges – Nutritious and portable oranges are great sources of citrus fruits which are good as the breastfeeding food as nursing moms do require Vitamin C than the pregnant women. One could not sit down for the snack. You should sip some juice of oranges as you go about in the day. You will be getting benefits from Vitamin C and can opt for Calcium-fortified varieties to get even more from the drink.

You should remember that there is no requirement of going on a specific food diet when you are breastfeeding. Just simply focus or target on making some healthy choices and you along with your baby would be reaping the remarkable rewards.


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