Getting Back into Shape After Having A Baby

It may seem nothing short of miraculous when you see celebrity mom’s looking ravishing and slim a few weeks after baby’s birth. But don’t forget that they are celebrities with lots of money and have a virtual army of people looking after them. If you are a normal person, it is going to take some time to get back into shape but you will get there if you are disciplined and motivated enough. Just remember that it took you nine months to put on the weight, so give yourself a few months to lose the weight and also the right shape. It is also vital that you watch and control your diet and start your exercise regimen as soon as you can. Nature has already given you a headstart since you lose quite a bit of weight thanks to the baby coming out along with water and fluids.

When you should start your diet and exercise routine!

Whether you have had a natural childbirth or a C-section, do give your body time to heal since a delivery either way causes a great deal of stress to the body. For a week, you will probably be too tired and overwhelmed or maybe even in pain to contemplate anything. As early as possible, you should start by walking whether it is indoors or outdoors from 15 -30 minutes a day.

While you should eat well if you are breastfeeding, this is the time to control your calories as breast milk requires calories. If you reduce your calorie intake (make sure you are getting adequate nutrition) you will use stored body fat. This will enable you to lose weight faster. However, wait for six weeks before you go on a weight loss diet.

After six weeks

You can increase your walking time and also do light weights. Start doing pelvic floor exercises and abdominal muscle exercises to strengthen the muscles and continue for another 3-4 months. Once bleeding has stopped, you can also start swimming and other easy exercises. You can also start postnatal exercises so that you get back into shape faster.

Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, and calcium-rich foods, especially if you are breastfeeding, otherwise, your body will get depleted of nutrition. Avoid high calorie, high fat and high sugar foods that will sabotage your efforts to lose weight.

After 3-4 months

Joining an exercise group will enable you to get out of the house and you can also share tips with other people in the same boat. Conversation and socializing will remind that there is another world out there and get your mind moving as well. Proper exercise will also help you tone your sagging and weak muscles and increase your metabolic rate. When you exercise with a professional, there are reduced chances of straining any important muscles that may have weakened during childbirth.

At this time, you can consider a diet program that fits your needs (if you are breastfeeding or have gone back to work, for example). If you want to regain your pre-pregnancy figure, eating right and exercising are the only things that will work.


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