How to Get Well-Defined Abs That You can Show Off

Some people get fed up of working out because they do not get the results they want. If you are working out religiously and for the required time and have nothing to show for it, you may be doing something wrong or are not doing your workout correctly. For defined abs, it is not only the kind of exercise that you do, the number of reps and the time you put in, but even more importantly your diet. If you have fat around your middle, exercise alone will not get rid of it. You also need to shed excess weight, eating less food, but the right protein rich food for your abs to show.

    • Eat right – High protein foods, complex carbs and some healthy fats will go a long way in providing you with stamina, muscle recovery and energy to do the workout you need to develop your abs. Cut out all refined and processed foods from your diet and reduce your fat if necessary. Do eat post workout carbs that will replenish your energy, but again don’t eat simple carbs.
    • High-intensity training – For some days, do high-intensity training. This will help you burn fat quicker and also improve your cardiovascular health.
    • Aerobic exercise – Aerobic exercise helps you burn calories safely and also overcome the plateau that many people find a roadblock. It advances heart health, tones muscles and improves overall health as well. You should fit in running, jogging, cycling or whatever else on occasion to give your variety and also give you more defined abs.
    • Strength training – Weight lifting makes muscles, tendons and ligaments stronger, enabling you to focus on exercises without the danger of muscle strain. It also improves stamina.
    • Ab and core exercises – Now you should focus of the core exercises that will help you define the abs. These are best done under a trainer and using machines where necessary. Abs are exercised in other methods as well, but for defined abs you need to concentrate on the abs exercises that are done at specific intervals (often 2-3 times a week) as advised by your trainer.
    • Avoid exercise – This may seem strange but if you don’t want muscles in certain areas of your body, you must avoid exercising them. Squats, bench lifts and deadlifts will increase muscle in the lower part of your body – the hips and thighs – where you may not require it.
    • Put in the time – In order to build abs, you need to work out regularly. 5-6 days a week should be able to get you the abs you want, particularly if you work out at least an hour of each working out day.
    • Progress with your routine – When you have mastered a certain routine, don’t just keep at it, but improve it. You can increase the resistance, increase the number of reps at a particular resistance or shorten the rest time between sets, putting more pressure and getting better results.

Looking after your diet, adopting the correct workout technique and following your trainer’s advice will get you to the defined abs that you want.

Would you like to share a particular routine that has worked for you?


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