How Wearable Gadgets Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Before technological advances it was difficult to measure your fitness. You could use a watch, a measure tape, a weighing scale and body fat index. Now wearable gadgets can help a great deal by rendering actual data regarding your fitness. As these devices become commonly used, they help by encouraging a fitness enthusiast or even a potential or procrastinating exerciser. They track how much or how little you have actually exercised and make you more aware of what you are doing and what more you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.

Wearable fitness tracking devices

Many wearable gadgets are available in the market that are useful, depending on the kind of physical activity you want to monitor. The best among these include:

All-round fitness – Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone UP3 are both advanced trackers that continuously monitor the heart rate and activity. The high end models can be expensive but come with more features that can be helpful in achieving your fitness goals.

Running – Fitbit Surge can be used for other sports as well as in the gym and allows you to track your cardio workouts. Runtastic Orbit gives you the entire lowdown on your running and also monitors your sleep and calories burnt.

Sports – Garmin Vivoactive tracks running, cycling, swimming and tell you live pace and distances. Thanks to its inbuilt GPS function, the tracking is pretty accurate.

Heart rate tracking – Basis Peak monitors your heart rate and you can monitor your statistics through an app on the internet.

Swimming – For swimming you definitely need a wearable gadget that is waterproof up to the depth you are going to swim. The Garmin Swim fits the bill and monitors your pool performance including strokes and distance. A cheaper device that is waterproof up to 50m is Misfit Shine.

Looks – Swarovski Shine is a blingy gadget which looks more like a piece of jewelery than a fitness tracker. It also comes with a range of accessories for ladies who want to make a style statement. For men, the smart and sleek looking Withings Activité that counts steps, tracks heart rate and monitors sleep is a classy alternative.

Sleep – Misfit Shine monitors your sleep cycle and tells you about how much you have slept, including light and deep sleep cycles and REM sleep.

These are among the top models in wearable gadgets for fitness. However, almost all the manufacturers also make more reasonably priced models that are affordable, usable and do not make a huge dent in your budget. Before decided on which fitness gadget you want, you should also see how comfortable you will be using it, because there is no sense in buying something very expensive if you are not going to use all its functions. In that case, you may as well opt for a cheaper alternative.

You can, alternatively use a feature rich smartphone to track your physical activity. The smartphone (depending on the apps used) does not give you the same degree of accuracy as a wearable device, but it is a good start to monitor your physical activity and meet your fitness goals.


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