Lifestyle changes during the menopause

Lifestyle changes during the menopause
Lifestyle changes during the menopause

Menopause which is also referred to as the “change of life”, is marking the end of the monthly cycle of the menstruation in a woman’s life. The decrease in female hormones could lead to a higher risk of the heart and osteoporosis disease. The symptoms of menopause could be changed with the changes in the lifestyle, natural therapies and Hormone replacement therapies. It is the natural transition that naturally occurs and does mark an end to the reproductive years. You will come to know that menopause has taken place, once you don’t have bleeding for at least 12 months. The maximum of the women does do reach their menopause during the years of 45 and 55. 51 is the age which is average and menopause before the age of 40 is mentioned as premature menopause and if it’s before the age of 45 is called early menopause.

Hormone levels fluctuate leading to menopause

As you are approaching menopause, the production of the hormones of the female by the ovaries starts to slow down. Hormone levels do tend to fluctuate and you could witness the notice changes in the menstrual cycle like, the cycle can become longer, shorter or in some cases purely irregular. The hormone level would fall to the point where the menstruation would cease altogether and menopause is reached. Although the fertility after some specific age of 45 is quite low, and will have to use contraceptives for preventing the pregnancy. Until you have had one year without the natural period, if you are 50 years or 2 years without the natural period.

Some of the common symptoms around the duration of life which could be caused due to the shifting of the hormone levels of the menopausal transition. The first thing which women witness is the changes in the period. They might be coming farther apart or closer together. It could either last longer or for the shorter durations.

Hot flashes and sweats at night

There are numerous women who are bothered about the hot flashes or flushes or the sweats. In the medical term, it is mentioned as a vasomotor symptom. During the duration of the hot flush, the upper body and face appear to feel hot. The skin gets red due to the blood vessels close to the surface are expanding. You would start sweating a lot and which would be followed with the cold shivers as well. Some of the hot flashes would be leave you with only the straight feeling of the light blush and slight feeling. Some others would be drenching your clothes. The night sweats could wake you up during the night. It could happen several time in an hour of time span or few times in the day or just once, twice in a week time. It generally occurs for the few years and then stop, but with regards to one women in every ten women which must be having hot flashes into her seventies or sixties. There are few of the studies which suggest that as many as the 3-4ths of the white women have the hot/ night sweats.


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