Migraine - All you need to know

Migraine – All you need to know

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Migraine is referred to as the kind of headache which is often localized in the specific area of the head and in some cases is accompanied by the pronounced sensitivity to sound and light. It causes attacks of headaches, being sick or often feeling of sick (Nausea). Between the attacks of the migraine, the symptoms do vanish completely. There are few migraines which are worsened with the head motion, straining, sneezing and physical exertion. In some cases of migraine sufferers are going to lie down in the dark and quiet room to get relieved from their symptoms.


Migraine is quite common which does start in childhood or as a young adult. There are few people who are having frequent attacks which could be several in a week or others could be only now or then. There are cases when the attacks continue through life. There are two main kinds of migraines- which are migraine attacks without aura and with aura.

In case of Migraine without AURA

It’s a quite common migraine and the symptoms which are included are-

  • The headache – it occurs generally on the one side head, typically on the side or front. In some cases, it could be on both side as well. In some cases, it starts from one end and spreads all over the head. The pain is going to be moderate or severe and is often described as pulsating or throbbing. Movements of the head could make it worse. It normally begins in the morning but there is no set time, as it could occur at any time of the day. Gradually it worsens and does reach the peak after 2-12 hours durations and then eases of gradually. However, it could last for 4 to 72 hours.
  • Other symptoms that are common are- feeling sick, not liking bright colors or the loud noises being off food, sweating, going pale, scalp tenderness, a sensation of cold and heat.

In case of Migraine with AURA

About 1 in 4 people are having migraines with Aura. The symptoms are the same as mentioned above but it also includes warning signs before the headache begins. Visual aura is considered as the common type of aura which includes a temporary loss of the part vision; the object may seem to rotate, boil or shake, etc. problems of speech is the kind of aura which is quite common. Pins and numbness are other kinds of aura that usually start with arms, then travels to arm, face, lips and finally to the tongue. In some cases legs are also involved.

One of the above auras could develop or could occur one after another. Each of the aura usually lasts for a few minutes before going but could last up to 60 minutes. The aura generally goes before the headache begins. The headache generally begins within 60 minutes of the end of the aura, but it could develop a lot sooner than that.

Phases of the Migraine Attack

It could be divided into 4 phases which are-

  • A warning phase
  • The aura phase
  • The headache phase
  • The resolution phase

Preventive means for migraines does include medication, lifestyle alterations, nutritional supplements and of course surgery. Prevention is recommended for those who are having headaches more than twice or more in a week’s time and cannot be tolerated with the acute attacks.

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