Natural Therapies to Cure Skin Cancer

Natural Therapies to Cure Skin Cancer
Natural Therapies to Cure Skin Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer is frightening. Usually, cancer is incurable but it is treatable and people do live long and fruitful lives even after the cancer diagnosis. New and conventional diagnostic tests and treatments are expensive, but quite effective depending on the person’s health history, stage of cancer and other parameters. However, traditional cancer treatment consists of surgery and chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, photodynamic therapy, and biologic therapy. In the case of skin cancers, these treatments can be even more painful, lead to ugly scarring and not prevent recurrence of cancer.

Types of Skin Cancers

    • Basal cell skin carcinoma (BCC) – This appears on the top most layer of the skin and rarely spreads. It is fairly harmless and more easily treated.
    • Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) – This is a skin cancer that affects the skin a bit deeper. It presents as skin tumors with a central hole and can be fatal if not treated.
    • Melanoma – This is a skin cancer that rapidly results in tumors that are malignant. It can metastasize and has a higher rate of fatality than other cancers.

Home-based/Natural Therapies to Treat Skin Cancers

You can try out this simple and effective home remedies for skin cancer. Research shows that they can be quite effective and work well. As they are the topical application, they do not cause any harm.

    • Vitamin C solution – Mix Vitamin C crystals with water in the ratio of 1:6. Make sure that the crystals dissolve completely in the water. Apply to the affected parts with a Q-tip. Keep the solutions in an airtight bottle in the refrigerator and make a fresh quantity every day. Use it two or three times a day on the tumor and keep it bandaged so that it stays wet.
    • Eggplant and vinegar solution – Chop up a medium-sized eggplant and blend along with a cup or more of apple cider or white vinegar, till it forms a slightly thick solution. Refrigerate covered for three days. Use this with a piece of cotton and keep covered. Use it several times a day for 10-14 weeks. This is effective for the BCC and SCC. You can also get Curaderm BEC5, a ready cream containing the same substances.
    • Myrrh oil – Myrrh oil has some amazing properties. Mixed with coconut oil, it is very effective as a topical home remedy for skin cancers.
    • Raspberry seed oil – This has shown to have some positive effect on BCC. You can also get raspberry seed cream and use it instead.
    • Coconut oil and baking soda – Make a paste of this and use it liberally on the growths. Keep covered and use several times a day. This may take a few months to work and you may need to use it continuously, even when the surface growths have disappeared.
    • Mixed oil blend – Combine 1 tsp. each of frankincense oil, myrrh oil, black raspberry oil and 1 tbsp. of eggplant extract cream. Use this twice a day or more often till your skin is clear.

Use home remedies for a natural skin cancer cure with caution as the remedies may not work on all cancers and on all people.

Have you used any home remedies for skin cancer?


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