Natural ways to heal allergies

Natural ways to heal allergies

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Many people suffer from constant allergies and try all kinds of treatments to get rid of them. As many as 26 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergy disorders due to high pollen and other allergens in the air. The commonest allergies occur in the respiratory tract system and these include sniffles, colds, wheezing, watering eyes and rhinitis, breathlessness that can cause discomfort at best and affect the quality of life at worst. While a range of antihistamines are available and are effective, they do have many side effects. If you suffer from constant allergies whether during hay season or otherwise you should consider these natural remedies for your allergies.

Neti pots – these like small kettles with a long spout, originally used in India and now popular worldwide. Salt mixed with water is used to unclog the nostrils – you need to use the saline liquid in one nostril and remove it from the other and then do the same with the other nostril. This saline wash clears the sinuses and helps you breathe better in a natural manner.

Saline sprays – these are a natural alternative to using strong antihistamine sprays that often have a rebound reaction when you stop using them and are effective in clearing blocked noses.

Butterbur – this is a natural supplement that studies have shown is almost as effective as an antihistamine without its side effects. Butterbur is made from ragweed and should be had four times a day. It is particularly effective for grass allergies.

Quercetin – an antioxidant and bioflavonoid, quercetin occur naturally in many fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits and broccoli, but it is difficult to get in the required quantities. The supplement is easy to take substitute and is helpful, especially if you start taking it a few weeks before the allergy season starts.

Turmeric – this yellow spice is known to have antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties and may act as a decongestant. It can be added to food or even had hot milk.

Bromelain – an enzyme found in pineapple, bromelain supplements help by reducing inflammation that is characteristic of breathing problems. The supplements work by reducing swelling and thin the mucus as well.

Local honey – locally produced honey from local bees, taken in small doses, often work like a vaccination. Limited exposure to allergy causes may help ward them off.

Hot shower – a hot shower is not only relaxing but also helps in clearing the nose and sinuses, allowing breathing better. Showering also removes allergens that may stick to your body from the outdoors or due to pollution. It is a good idea to have one before sleeping as you are less likely to suffer from disturbed sleep due to allergies.

Steam – if you want targeted steam, you need a vaporizer. Adding some eucalyptus oil to the water (or any menthol or mint drops or even some Vicks) helps clear nasal passages, by thinning the mucus.

Spicy foods – foods that are hot and spicy may cause sneezing and watering eyes due to certain substances they contain. These can afford temporary relief for seasonal allergies.

Use one or more of these natural remedies to combat allergies and experience relief from your symptoms.

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