Physical Activities for disabled people

It has been proved that sports can have the positive impact on the people’s life with disabilities as well. But of course, every individual has to face challenges. It is believed that disabled people should have every bit of opportunity to be as active as non-disabled people. Physical activity could make a genuine fundamental difference for the disabled people‘s quality and standard of life.  There has been numerous growing evidence that people with the higher levels of the physical fitness are able to reduce the risk with regards to the chronic conditions like heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.

Significance of Physical activity

People who are disabled are less physically active than the people without disabilities, yet are at risk for the same chronic health conditions. People who are disabled are at risk for the secondary conditions which are related to the primary situations. Secondary conditions could be social, medical or emotional in nature. Most of these conditions (Obesity, fatigue, social isolation, deconditioning etc) could be eliminated or removed by increasing the physical activity. In addition to the prevention of the secondary situations and overall health and the well being, physical activity is considered essential in the day to day life of the people who are disabled.

Strength Activities

They are challenging the muscles by pushing, pulling or holding contractions of muscles. The training of strengths are great means to keep the bones and muscles and improve the posture and balance. In case you are having osteoporosis, then do the isometric strength when there is joint pain. You should ensure that the exercises, which you are following, should be safe. So go ahead with free weight exercises which include sitting and standing.

Cardiovascular activities

It is really good for health and does increases your overall energy level and also improves the functioning of lungs, heart, circulations, and muscles. Some of the means to improve the cardiovascular fitness levels are-

  • You should try moving to the fitness center and then using the stationary bike, arm ergometer and rowing machine for the activity of cardiovascular activity.
  • A swimming pool is another good location for the activity to speed up at your own pace. Swimming or practicing in the aqua fit classes can help you develop cardiovascular fitness.
  • People with mobility issues may prefer to swimming pools with the sloped entrance into the water. The sloop does allow you to wheel or walk into the pool without any ones help.
  • If you like just being active at home then you could just find the safe surface for wheeling or walking or move and dance around the house on your favourite tunes.

The best part is that you should check out the best suitable exercises for yourself and the best thing is that with help of any of the above mentioned activity you could increase the heart rate and do improve the cardiovascular system while having the fun.

You should take care of your health and do ensure that you are consulting your doctor or physician before going ahead with the physical exercises. Participation on such activities for at least 10 minutes is quite essential due to which you realize the benefit of health.


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