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Push yourself out of your comfort zone to lead a healthy life

Push yourself out of your comfort zone to lead a healthy life

By on February 29, 2020 0

The comfort zone is a great place to be in simply because you are too comfortable there. It is also a place where you are actually stagnant and not doing anything new. It also means you are not pushing yourself to realize your full potential and that is really not good for you. And where living a long and healthy life is concerned, you simply cannot afford to be lazy. It is only when you challenge yourself that you can live a fulfilling life. There are two areas of your life that may need work: physical and mental.

Your physical health

When you fall sick or get hurt in any way, you realize the importance of physical health. Illness whether mild, chronic or acute is a setback because not only does your body suffer, but your work, family and social life also face the consequences. And you can maintain physical health through diet and exercise.

Diet – if you need to lose weight, go for it. Take a short or long term diet plan and stick to it, particularly since scientific research shows that even short term and fast diets actually help you lose weight. If you don’t need to lose weight, you still need to eat right. This means eating a lot more fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, good quality fats, whole grains and unrefined foods with some protein source thrown in (white meats, fish, eggs, and occasionally red meat, dairy, pulses). So shun the pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, shakes, fries and highly processed and fat foods. If you continuously keep on putting off going on a healthy diet, you are not doing yourself any good.

Exercise – Already exercising and keeping fit? Good. Otherwise, adopt a regular exercise regimen, go to the gym, for walks, swimming, cycling, tennis or whatever and challenge your body so that you are physically fit. Good exercise not only burns up calories but also keeps you fit, builds the bones and improves heart health apart from its many other benefits.

Your mental health

If you are young and fine, you may not be concerned about your mental health. But here, too, it is vital to keep your brain active and alert so that you can face all kinds of situations and never give up. Age-related cognitive decline is a growing problem. Your mental faculties include memory, concentration, and reaction.

Memory – as people age, they find it difficult to remember things, which is quite normal as the brain has to make room to remember more and newer things daily. Memory exercises including puzzles and games can help keep your brain active.

Concentration – usually when you concentrate on whatever is done or said, you ought to remember it. If you are among those who constantly forget things, try and improve your concentration when you are doing a task or talking to someone, making a conscious memory that will stay in your brain.

Reaction – this can slow with age or when you are in your comfort zone. If you notice you are slow to react physically or mentally, you must make yourself more mentally aware and practice mindfulness to improve your reaction time.

When push yourself out of your comfort zone, you can face any situation, tackle complex tasks and realize your full potential, work better and live better.

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